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Horses, stuff we're doing, stuff we're not doing....

Actually dealing with horses is very much the stuff we're doing. We finally have the mares together, but there is a long way to go to get things settled. Preparing for winter is what we're doing, and that's largely been about the mares. The mares have sort of over taken our lives the past several weeks.

What we're not doing is going to Occupy Manchester, let alone to any of the ones further. I feel a certain amount of frustration that action on this level is happening and I'm not part of it. I feel old. But people far older are there. The mares, the Minis, the goat, the dogs, the chickens...can't leave them. It's time to get things ready for winter, can't stop doing that. Yet this is all why we should be there, because it speaks to what is central in this movement. This is about not losing more, it's not about whining and moaning, it's about saying that the 1% with power are not going to get to take away more.

Right now we can't complain, but we can worry. We have a lot, as far as what we want in life. We can also lose it in one simple medical emergency because we can't get insurance right now. We've seen a lot of good, hard working people lose everything. This is why we're the 99%, not just those who don't have, but those who might lose it all.

I've seen a lot of stuff go through that we are still better off than most the world, but that totally misses the point. Because if only that 1% is in control, the rest of the world is screwed too. And what can we do it, when we're living our lives waiting to lose everything? Those 1% are NOT helping the rest of the world, gee, maybe some of the 99% would be doing more if we had something to give. So...get off that bullshit.

Anyway...but I"m not there and I'm not heading down this weekend.

Tomorrow we do go to a meeting about the Northern Pass Powerlines. Doesn't that just make me sound all NIMBY. But not really, see, on that level the good news is that it appears (although there is erratic land purchase agreements which are not adding up to an actual route) that it won't be right across the road from us now. But it will still be going through. I don't want this in ANYONE"S backyard. I want what's up in the Bay folks backyard fixed as much as it ever can be. I don't just not want this powerline to go through, I want an end to HydroQuebec and to all dirty power. But...also...because it is in my backyard, we can get to this meeting and we can do stuff here.

Anyway. *ahem* Yes, Saorsa and Misty have met and there are photos.

We finally got No Mare's Land down to a few inches

Misty didn't appreciate it too much. Twice she put her foot through the fence and pulled her side apart...sending both of them off in opposite directions (my camera didn't recover fast enough to get that shot but you can see the foot go through here)

Our trainer thought it would help if she drove Saorsa a bit with Misty. Misty drives Saorsa very well

Then Wednesday morning we opened the gate.

Misty is totally the boss mare. I think this will be good for Saorsa, to accept that sometimes she has to do what she's told. Whether it will translate to listening to me or other humans is a question which might not be clearly answered for awhile. And, of course, the balance of power may shift. We'll also have to wait to see if Saorsa's extreme herd-boundness calms at all...she's now obsessed with keeping Misty in sight, not having had another horse right in with her for four years. We're also still working on getting them to the barn to eat meals, as Saorsa is the one who knows the way and won't leave I've been leading Misty with Saorsa running around us in the mornings in hopes she might learn the way. Hopefully in that's getting a bit old already.
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