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Shit, I forgot to buy a new calender

It's been awhile since I posted, so I thought I'd try one of those year end thingies, but it might not end up that. I'm just making this up as I go along.

I'm seeing a lot of "2011 sucked" posts in various places, and I have to admit that for the world at large and most of my friends it really has. It wasn't a great year for me personally, the job thing was sort of mixed (hated the job, but money is tighter), but what am I comparing it to? This year I didn't meet any celebrities like the year before does not add up to the same suckage some of my friends faced. On the other hand, for some of my friends it meant their weddings, new loves, new jobs and other blessings, and I got to share in that, which included seeing friends I haven't seen in real life for many years. I also got the coveted pony! And cat, although at the moment he still hates us. He's pretty though. In general the worse thing is that I'm a bit more worried than I was about keeping by blessings, but no where near feeling as dire about it as so many. So I can't complain. Except for my friends who lost loved ones and became ill and had other misfortunes.

The world, well, politically, economically and ecologically we've been going to hell in a handbasket for awhile but this year has had some major speeding up on that. A LOT of very vicious backlash on many previous gains and the gains we made this year are threatened by those hoping to win the next elections. There are times when I sort of do understand the newagers who believe that we just have under a year left (in reality I believe the Mayas who say their calendar does not mean that). Things just seem that shitty. But that means it's not time to give up. On these counts 2012 is going to be hellish too, but if we keep motivated hopefully it will be a year for turning the shit around. These fucking right-wing nutjobs need to be put the the asylum they belong in and not in any offices! Especially the crew vying for the Presidency!

I don't like the term "New Years resolutions" so much as it seems to be one of those things that, well, has become a term for something you decide to do but won't. I do have plans and hopes for the future, but for the most part their the usual ones I always have and am working on and it's just a marker for thinking about them. More writing, getting the homestead together (thinking more on the inside than the outside right now due to the season), working on job issues. That sort of shit. Hoping to see Linda Hamilton again as she's doing cons this year, but knowing it will only happen if she comes to one closer than the last. (yes, I'm greedy LOL)

Since I last posted I have posted a couple of blog posts in Championing Ourselves, one a book review of the wonderful Historical Residues in the Old Irish Legends of Queen Medb: An Expanded Interpretation of the Ulster Cycle by Diana Dominguez and another about a passage from the Táin related to the ideas in the book. I also posted that we finally got winter on Dùn Sgàthan Notes, but it keeps coming and going. We're in a thaw at the moment.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Hogmanay and that that this coming year brings you all great blessings!
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