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Saorsa's First Ride

Saorsa had a training session today, her trainer was not planning to back her yet but she was doing very well. So she got her up to the fence and stood over her there. And then put a leg over. And did it again. We always did expect that Saorsa would be find with someone getting on, but that she probably would have issues with being told what to do... and for the rodeo you must

Yeah, sorry fooled rodeo....

Even when told what to do she protested by mildly considering biting the fancy riding footwear that Cory had in utterly no anticipation of riding

Saorsa appeared to want to push things and indicated she wanted to head out...Cory didn't think it was a plan

This is as bad as the "blow outs" got....she's actually saying "no" while actually doing what she's being told to. Which is her MO

And they didn't last long
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