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I guess this is just my Twitter feed now

It has been awhile. I keep saying I'm going to visit more but apparently I lie. Facebook hast indeed eaten my social networking.

I have written things, but it's been so long I'm not sure what the last thing I noted blogging on was. Oh, look, it appears I've posted on three of my blogs since then. I really need to catch up those others too then! So yeah, there is apparently newer stuff on my fitness blog, Heathens and Pagans for the Horses (or what every I'm calling it this week) and Championing Ourselves.  The latter I do know includes a review of Brave and my thoughts on the recent Pagan fat-blogging that happened. Yeah, I'm not usually such a blogo-joiner but you know this sparked my interest. 

It does NOT include any announcements about a certain article I thought I'd be posting about putting up on the War Goddesses site. Nope, because that will be a few months. Yes, it IS done. It also may be going into an anthology and while I can post it anytime, as well, I figured it made more sense to wait awhile after the book comes out. This was on a whim, really, I realized I had it, I figured it was too long and probably not the sort of thing she was looking for I had it, why not offer. So...

I should be working on another project, but I'm writing this instead.  I do plan to get back to that other thing. After I make another cup of coffee.

Meanwhile, we are trying to keep the place from falling down around us but haven't gotten as much done as we'd hoped. Aaron's getting a lot of hours lately....sometimes too many...up 30 hours pulling doubles is a bit much....a triple seems like a real bad idea to me (yeah,they just tried) The weather has not been good for gardening. This year's chickens continue to grow...we thought we would get another batch of chicks as one of the hens disappeared yet would return each morning to eat but apparently something found her nest before we did (we had hoped to give her some fencing protection and feed her nearer the nest) and she's back now. At least what ever it was didn't get her. Of course, part of me is relieved we won't have to deal with doing a second killing in the middle of winter.

We've been playing with the mares a lot. I think things are going well although for various reasons the trainer hasn't been here in several weeks. But see icon...I don't look remotely worried she's going to eat my arm in this one. ~;p I should blog more in detail on this.

Um, yeah. Writing, horses, chickens....the dogs are doing good too, as is the goat. I think that sums it up. Oh, not enough target practice and working out has been a bit of a challenge with the heat/humidity but I've been managing to find ways.  I will likely get all wordy about homesteading and seasons in that blog I have for it. Meanwhile on to coffee and this new article and hopefully some horse time soon.
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