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Daonnan Mar Nathair*

I'm finding a lot of things funny lately, but I don't think they are.**

Kym Lambert...or Saigh
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The Sarah Connor Charm School mood theme is courtesy of sccharmschool and The Sarah Connor Charm School.

***"Friends" policy: If you add me and you want me to add you, please comment in my journal and tell me why.

If you are a proponent of horse slaughter, have ever eaten horse meat, take Premarin (unless you don't know it kills horses...well it does so Make the Switch!) or support the slaughtering of horses in any way, don't bother friending me. OR bother to contact me in anyway.

I am a curmudgeon, easily pissed off by those who label eclectic practices "Celtic," "Gaelic," "Norse" or any cultural label that they are not and I feel that it's up to those in the cultures to syncretize or not...so historical syncretisms are great but don't be telling me about your Gaulish-Aztec cultural tradition, mkay? Being eclectic is one thing, being an eclectic who claims their eclecticism is "Celtic" or what ever, is another.

I also swear a lot, supposedly LJ wants warnings about that sort of thing. Now they have that filter thing, but it can create problems when, say, you go on at work and get nabbed for "adult material" viewing so, fuck it, deal with the language.***

So ends the friending policy.

Self Pity
DH Lawrence
I never saw a wild thing
sorry for itself.
A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
without ever having felt sorry for itself.

I'm a polytheist focused on fénnidecht, the Outlaw Warrior path. I'm also a personal fitness trainer, Hillbilly survivalist, barbarian, writer, boss mare and all around raging, rabid, opinionated, savage alpha bitch. Any questions?

I use the public label "Gaelic Heathen" to indicate that we are culturally Gaelic focused with some Norse influences, much as you find in the Highland and Island culture of Scotland. Any actual names for what we do in Gaelic are not public due to the people who happily rip off those names with no thought. Chances are, given some use of "Gaelic Heathen" and "Highland Heathen" starting up by those we have nothing in common with (no matter how much they might offer our link as proof they've read it or credit me in self-published books as if I ever spoke to them when I haven't) I'll probably switch up public labels again too. The important ones, you'll never know unless you begin to meet with us in person. Which isn't likely.

I really have sort of made my living as a ban-fhiannaidh, as well as professional fire-tender in the winter, until recently. ~;) I was a personal trainer in the early '90s and am starting to return to that. At other times I have been a reporter and photographer for a local paper, before that various other things...including my first career as a photojournalist long, long ago at a larger paper. There have, been various shop and factory jobs as well. My various interests, well, I guess you can see from my interest list and from the sites and communities here and elsewhere that I run.

My mate and I have been taking steps into homesteading, but work does get in the way of doing this as far as we would like. Over the years we have shared out lives with Greyhounds, Aussie/BC farm dogs, horses big and small and goats. We raise Dorking chickens, or are trying to. We live in some of the most beautiful forest in the world in northern New Hampshire.

As well as my personal site, which includes some of my writing, linked above, I run a website dedicated to the Irish War Goddesses, Badb, Macha and an Morrígan called Shadow of the Hooded Crow, with a related blog. We also now have a blog about our homesteading efforts at Dùn Sgàthan Notes. And one on horse issues Pagans and Heathens for the Horses I also maintain The Sarah Connor Charm School site, which also has a blog. I'm a bit blog crazy.

I am currently more likely to be on Facebook than here...see link below.

I founded and run the following LiveJournal communities:
sacredhorse for Pagans involved with horses and/or worship equine Deities
horselistening for Natural Horsemanship, not Pagan specific
womenofstrength for fierce, strong women, women only, not Pagan specific
hooded_crow for Outlaw Warrior Poets and other mad wild mystics. This is a semi-private group and you MUST contact me to join unless you are already on my flist.

I also, uh, co-maintain, uh, yeah, that's it, sccharmschool for those Terminator 2 fans who think that muscle and suvivivalist savvy DO matter.

Want to buy me stuff? Well, probably not, even though these would help me with some projects I'm working on, but this is the wishlist anyway.

Mum - Dad
1918-2006 / 1920-2008

born:199?-adopted:October 15, 2011-died:March 30, 2017

Grainne and Saichari
Gráinne (Sunset Seduction)
Born:January 27, 2010-adopted:July 22, 2014-died:March 2, 2017
Sachairi (Zachary)
Born:August, 11, 2000-adopted:November 26, 2010-died:February 6, 2016

Cù Mór and Òrlaith
Cù Mór (Onaim Dogzilla)
Born:August 24, 2002-adopted: January 27, 2010-died:July, 27, 2013
Òrlaith (Prevo)
Born:June 16, 2002-adopted: November 25, 2009-died: February 22, 2014

Greys Irony, Brandubh and Scolaighe
Greys Irony
Born:July 8, 1993-adopted: June 18, 1998-died:August 18, 2004
Sgathan's Brandubh
Born:June 1, 1996-adopted:Feb. 6, 1999-died:March 18, 2008
Scolaighe (Hi Tech Lollypop)
Born:May 13, 1998-adopted:March 22, 2003-died:December, 12, 2009

Miss you!
"Maltese Sartez"

Born:April 29, 1974-rescued:April 29, 2001-died:March 18, 2007

"Three glories of a gathering: a comely [mate], a good horse, a swift hound."
Trecheng Breth Féne-88
I miss my best horse and swiftest hounds!

"We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached. Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way. We cherish memory as the only certain immortality, never fully understanding the necessary plan"
Irving Townsend

Marriage is an option we should all have.

End Violence Against Women NOW!
The International Purple Ribbon Project Against Violence Against Women

End All Horse End All Horse Slaughter NOW!Slaughter NOW!

Say No to Horse Slaughter


Sarah Connor Charm School

*Quote of Sarah Connor in T2, but in a different language.
** Quote of Ripley 8 in Alien Resurrection.

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